It’s Time to take it up a notch.

We’re here to make good suits.
We’re here to put you in a good suit.

Let’s talk. About why we’re different. We’re a category of our own.

We exist because there is a difference between the bespoke suits you pine for and the retail suits you settle for.

We saw a gap. We want to fill it. It’s that simple.

But what do tailor-made and custom-made actually mean and will that take you up a notch?


A tailor-made suit is made, or adjusted to your measurements. Pretty intuitive right? Well, it truly is as simple as that. And that’s exactly what you need, to step it up. A tailor-made suit is an upgrade. An investment made both in terms of appearance as well as quality.

Off the rack suits are the easy way, we won’t argue that, but as with most things in life, the easy way is hardly the best way (don’t believe Ockham, we’re not in the 1300s anymore ). Gone are the days of off the rack suits!

Remember when we said that we believe in quality not quantity? Bespoke suits are an important part of what we regard as quality.

We do our best to facilitate the process for you. It’s very simple: we need your measurements, your picture and a delivery address. In our eyes, it’s a small compromise for an immeasurable upgrade.

Don’t forget about the free shipping!


Now here is where people generally become confused (even our friend, the Internet, got it partially wrong). Custom-made is not the same as tailor-made.
Let us explain.

Did you think, at first glance, we only sell six suits in total? Oh, we most certainly do not.

We’re on a mission to bring the style and quality you want to your closet. Is it enough to see menswear campaigns and imitate them with mediocre quality? We think not.

Choose your style and color, self-measure or use our sizing chart and talk to us about any customizations. We mean anything. Don’t be shy.

For each design we have several different colors choices. And although we take pride in the colors we chose for our models and all the available ones and how we mixed them, if you feel a different combination works better for you, we can and will do it.

Not only feel free to do so, but we actively encourage you to contact us for any specific requirements or combination you find SUITable  for yourself.

We guarantee a quick response, a friendly staff and our sincere promise that we will do everything in our power to accommodate your requests.

But don’t get too crazy. Kidding, kidding, do it up! Show us what you got!

We’re here to bounce ideas, offer suggestions…you name it. We love to talk suits and we’d love to hear from you.

You can call us directly at +47 94233271 or email us at

Oh, one last thing. Talking about “take it up a notch”, did we mention you can get your initials embroidered on the interior of your jacket, at request? Well you can, and this too is free of charge!

So yeah, tailor-made, custom-made, free shipping, easy contact, friendly staff, we are here for you!

Choose your suit, choose your fun!
The HT&T Team.