Let’s get acquainted. Shall we?

Nice to meet you. We’re suits by HT&T. With formalities out of the way, let’s dig in!

We want you to know what we do and why we’re here. You may have spotted our introduction on our website, but allow us to reiterate.

‘Suits by HT&T is about quality and keeping suit fashion fun!’

Our collection is handmade by tailors who have worked in the field for decades. They have learned to perfect their craftsmanship and we are delighted to partner with them to create our original collection.

In this era of “fast fashion” and fading trends, we remain committed to the idea of classic, “slow fashion” and tailor made products. Each suit boasts a hand sewn canvas, is made to order and customized to your personal style choice”. 

Now, our motto is ‘It’s more fun in a suit.’ We’re here to get you on board. We mean it. We’re here to get you to embrace it, embody it, live it.

Repeat after us- ‘it’s more fun in a suit.’

Everything just feels great in a suit. You know it, we know it. If you’re still on the edge about it, allow us to introduce one of our favorite suit icons- Mr. Casey Neistat.

Check out one of his many videos making anything and everything more fun in a suit.



We’re here to change the game and help you see the fun in a choosing a suit and wearing a suit. Expect this blog to be somehow non-conformist.

The purpose of this blog will be to guide our customers and anyone
interested in suit fashion in having a better understanding of what defines the things we believe in, our core values and how much we value quality over quantity.

Being our first blog post, we’ll give you a little taste of some of the highlights of Suits by HT&T.

Because we don’t want anyone to die of boredom while reading this, we will not focus on the obvious reasons for picking a tailor made suit (you get a better fit) nor will we just re-state what you can find on your first google search, although the ‘cool guys’ of the internet do agree with us that is better to have it tailor made, and here's the proof.

So, let’s check out a few points we consider pluses for choosing a handmade, tailored suit by HT&T.

  • They do in fact last longer. To keep it short, our suits are made with a sewed canvas. There’s no doubt they will always perform better, long term, than a glued canvas suit. You can have them cleaned more times without any risks of damage and will probably avoid costly future repairs. Always take that into consideration whenever choosing a suit. Think of it as a long-term investment in quality (and fun).
  • You can, if you want, (hey, why not) at no extra expense, get your initials embroidered on your suit.
  • Get in touch with us because customization is on the table!
  • We are very committed to the idea of slow fashion. So committed in fact, you’ll be seeing next week’s blog dedicated to the topic.

Thanks for sticking with us ‘til the end and we’ll see you back here next week. Enjoy that lazy Sunday afternoon, and remember: It's more fun a in a suit.

The HT&T Team