How to get measured

Tips to get measured for the perfect suit

Everybody and every body type is unique, and we are happy to customise to all needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests or with further direction for measuring.

Recommended – for custom tailor made suits, submit 3 body pictures taken from the front, back and side. This is for the tailor to be more familiar with your body type.


  • For the most accurate measurements wear form fitting clothes, such as an undershirt and shorts.


  • Do not take your measurements by yourself, solicit the help of a friend or family member.


  • Be sure to stand up straight but maintain a natural, relaxed posture.


  • Every measurement should be taken with one finger between the body and measuring tape.

All measurements need to be submitted in centimetres.

1. Neck – measure around the middle of the neck.

2. Chest – measure around the largest part of the chest. Remember to maintain a relaxed posture.

3. Waist – measure around the smallest part of the waist. The waist is above the belly.

4. Belly – measure around the largest part of the belly.

5. Hip – measure around the hips above your bottom.

6. Bottom – measure around the largest part of your bottom.

7. Shoulder – measure across the shoulders, behind the neck, from edge to edge.

8. Sleeve – measure from the edge of the shoulder to 3 cm below the wrist bone.

9. Bicep – measure around the largest part of the bicep.

10. Armpit – measure around the shoulder, under the armpit. (not pictured in video)

11. Upper chest – measure across the upper chest from armpit to armpit.

12. Upper back – measure across the upper back from armpit to armpit. Note: if your back is curved measure from the middle of your neck at your hairline to under the curve.

13. Jacket length – measure from the top of the shoulder at the corner of the neck and shoulder to the bottom of the wrist bone, note: keep your arms down and relaxed, note: if your belly is large move the measuring tape to the center of your belly and take another measurement

14. Pants waist – measure around the waist where you want your pants to sit. Note: Some prefer to wear pants above their waist, while others wear it slightly lower.

15. Groin – measure from the top of the lower back to the belly button around the groin.

16. Upper thigh – measure around the upper thigh directly under the groin.

17. Calf – measure around the largest part of the calf.

18. Pants length – measure from the top of the waist to the shoe.