The Quality. The Price of Quality.


Quality is not everything but everything is nothing without quality”.

The above famous quotation, pertaining to Japanese organizational theorist, professor Kaoru Ishikawa, is nothing short of what we are aiming at. Quality is, perhaps nowadays more than ever, the centre concept, or at least should be, for any functioning company. Especially product-oriented ones. 

In other words, quality is a prerequisite of success. In an over-saturated, hyper-competitive environment, flooded by different quality suits, increased spending on advertisement,  where everybody wants to sell you something, and you feel bombarded with information, we remain consequent and dedicated to one simple idea: 

Quality speaks for itself.

Far from looking here for a precious definition of quality, but the words of Phil B. Crosby, businessman and a respected voice in the field of quality management practices: ”Quality is free. It’s not a gift, but it’s free. The “unquality” things are what cost money” keep ringing in our ears and are the ones which bring us to the important subject of pricing.

As a customer, the features of a high-end performance product, designed to bring us pleasure, are the ultimate goal. We feel that in exchange for that truly satisfactory and “trust in the product” feeling, everyone is more than willing to pay a fair price. And we provide fair prices!

Why do we feel this way?

  •   Because we have long exceeded the stage of high expectations from cheap products. Experience has shown, each and every one of us, that it is simply impossible. In our view is a contradiction in terms. In an honesty exercise, can we all acknowledge and recognize how much it cost us in terms of both time and money until we reached this conclusion?
  •   Because by now we know how quality feels after a well made choice. Look no further than that pair of comfortable shoes, which still look the same over the years, or maybe your last phone which still works after a couple of years (nokia 3300 we are looking at you), or maybe the chic high-quality suit that still fits your body perfectly even after countless wearings and washings.

We could go on and on with examples, from premium cars, to watches to whatever comes to your imagination, but we feel our point has been made clear:

Quality has a price.

We aim and are in a  continuous strive to bring you top notch products (see our last blog for more information). Our products are tailor-made, hand-made, we provide free shipping, and a friendly team. Everything in order to make you feel happy. That is our definition of quality.

You can either call us directly +47 94233271, email us at or even write to us on our Facebook page. We are more than happy to provide a quick answer to any question you might have.


And never forget, “Everything is more fun in a suit”.

The HT&T Team.